Extreme Makeover

The snow has been falling for days and you finally found the perfect Swiss Lugz tube sled.

Who really picked George?
At the store you search your pocket for the right amount of money to make the sled your own.

As you pull each dollar out of your pocket you wonder, "How come guys I've never met, like George Washington, get their pictures on my allowance money?"

Here's the scoop. George has been on the U. S. $1 bill, or currency, since 1928. That year, government leaders chose whose picture would be on each of the bills we use.

It looks as though our government doesn't plan to to update the portraits any time soon!

Money like history!

All U.S. bills have a famous, historical person on the front and a national landmark on the back. The designs on our bills are pretty much the same designs as 75 years ago. The designs are: Our first president is rewarded with a $1

The government has made bills for as much as $100,000. Guess whose face is on the big bills!

What went before?

Before the government picked these lucky guys in 1928, many different people appeared on the fronts of our bills...

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